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Jaden @ The Harwood Center

It's not often that I am blown away by an 8-year-old kid. This was one of those occasions. While certainly her chops and her voice weren't those of a middle-aged studio musician, her audience rapport, stage presence, and between-song patter were something many of us here could aspire to.
I confess to not being familiar with most of her playlist. Sorry, I'm steeped in decades of heavy rock, and Michael Franti just isn't usually on my radar. But, she played them confidently, and they fit her style ( acoustic guitar, and stomp-box, provided by PaulE). And she did play a number of more familiar ( to me ) tunes. You haven't lived until you've watched an 8-year-old girl rock a packed room with her instrumental rendition of "Hey Joe".

She's NOT just a novelty act.

PaulE, you done good bringing her to our attention. Kevin, sorry I didn't catch your last name (you're Daddy Long Loin, right?),you rocked PaulE's wooden drums. And Jaden, Keep it up. when your chops catch up to your attitude and professionalism,(and it won't be long!) you'll be a musical force to be reckoned with.
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one of the worst

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really wish i could have taken my kids to this!! they're torn right now between lil' john and some dude mamed jimi hendrix who never get's played on MTV!!! we had a gig at amped and i'd give it back to go see JADEN!!!, pleasse lemme know next time she plays cause i've got a few rug rats who would love to see another kid jammin! and know that this rock thing ain't goin' nowhere...
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Jaden was great and a little Pro in every way. It was cool to meet PaulE and justJon's son and daughter. Sorry for not getting these up sooner.

Photo SlideShow here:

Here's a video of Jaden performing Jimi's "Little Wing":

2 more videos of her are in here:
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